One year on, a few reflections


Ubuntu: I am because we are

During my first year of business, this African philosophy, which speaks to our interconnectedness, of being open to and affirming of others, and belonging to a greater whole, has resonated deeply with me.

Firstly, I realise that I could not have done it alone. The opportunity and confidence to start my own business arose, in a large part, due to the support of others.  Family, friends and colleagues shared words of wisdom and encouragement; clients put their faith in me;  mentors offered fresh insights for me personally and the world I was entering; and business experts guided me. They have all helped me to get the business up and running. Each have played their part in  an important way and for that I am very grateful.

Secondly, working with and through others in a spirit of collaboration is key to business success.  Focusing on others around you allows you to succeed. In the context of AH Advisors, that means seeing the world through the eyes of our clients: developing relationships so that we really understand our clients’ goals, priorities and pain points in order to provide meaningful and practical advice.

Finally, connection and collaboration gives me fufilment and energy.  Over 15 years I have been fortunate to meet some outstanding people in various areas of specialisation. Being part of a community of experts, being able to introduce clients and prospects, colleagues and friends, to my professional network helps us all to succeed and the connection we share gives a greater meaning and purpose to my work.

The journey is only just beginning

I’m excited about the future, plans to expand capacity and the opportunity to service an increasingly diverse client base. Today’s technologies undoubtedly facilitate greater collaboration and enable AH Advisors to effectively service clients wherever they might be based. As asset managers look towards outsourcing more functions, including legal, as a means to increase flexibility and move towards a more variable cost environment, AH Advisors is here to help.